What You Need To Know Before Buying Knee High Boots

What You Need To Know Before Buying Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots are elegant and timeless, and they offer a fashionable, stylish, and bold addition to almost any ensemble. There is an almost endless list of options when it comes to picking the perfect pair of knee-high boots, so shopping for a pair might be a daunting task.

J&K Embers Boutique offers a great selection of knee-high boots for a wide variety of personal tastes. The following information should help you get a better understanding of how to wear these particular shoes and what to know before you buy.

Are Knee-High Boots for Everyone?

The first thing you should bear in mind is that unlike what you see in magazines and on TV, knee-high boots are not super easy to wear and you might have a hard time when it comes to getting them to stay up. Some styles will stay in place; some won’t. They’re tricky to wear and they might slip from time to time depending on how you wear them. This can be corrected, rectified, or prevented by wearing knee-high socks or tights beneath them.

Comfortable and Fashionable Boots

When it comes to time to shop, you should prioritize comfort. There’s a large percentage of knee-high boots that need to be your exact fit rather than a half size larger. As a result, some of these boots can be very uncomfortable and if you get them in the wrong shape or size, you won’t be able to wear them which will put you back at square one.

Importance of Proper Size Selection

Always look at the size chart for the shoes you are considering buying if you have any concern whatsoever in how they may fit. It’s important that you get the right size but if you order the wrong size at J&K Embers Boutique, we can help you exchange your boots for a correct fitting pair.

Fitting Your Calves for Knee High Boots

If you don’t want to worry about calf size, you can get a boot that’s made of a stretchy material, but leather boots are less forgiving and you have to make sure the size is right. Otherwise you will want to look for wide-calf boots to accommodate your actual foot size but also your calf size so they fit properly.

So the most important thing to do is to place a lot of focus on the size of the boots and how comfortable you will be in them. If you don’t typically wear high heeled shoes of any kind, you might want to start out low and work your way to the taller heels. Your feet will thank you for it!

Choosing the Right Material

Not all knee-high boots are made the same. You will want to pick out the perfect material for your personal preference and taste. There’s a wide range of materials from which knee-high boots are made, and they include but are not limited to suede, leather, vinyl, canvas, and PVC.

Boots made of leather or suede are evergreen, last longer, and seem like they’ll never go out of style. Denim and canvas knee-high boots are stylish in their own way, and can be matched with some outfits. Once you have decided on the best material(s) it’s time to buy a pair!

Care & Maintenance of Your Knee-High Boots

Another important thing to know before buying boots is that you need to care for them very well. You might find that most quality boots tend to be on the more expensive side and if you want them to be timeless, aka get your money’s worth, adequate care on your part is needed. Whenever you get home from an outing or a stroll, you should remove all forms of dirt and debris from your boots. For leather boots, you should use saddle soap. Do not put boots in direct sunlight or inside the dryer.

Shop at J&K Embers Boutique for Fashionable Knee-High Boots

Whether you’re looking for short or tall boots you’ll find a unique selection in our online boutique. If you don’t see your size listed you can reach out to us; because we add new items weekly some items may not return once they’re sold out.

Your shoes make a statement and when you shop our selection of fashion, ankle, riding, knee high or over the knee boots you’ll find the perfect pair to complete your outfit. We have a 30 day return policy on all purchases except clearance and sale items. Now that you know what to consider before you buy your new boots, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect pair of knee-high boots at J&K Embers Boutique today!

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