Trying to Decide What to Wear?

Trying to Decide What to Wear?

Choosing what to wear is an issue for many individuals because not all of us are born with a natural fashion sense. We envy those who can put together an amazing outfit in a short amount of time, looking glamorous for every occasion with little effort. 


Spending hours in front of the mirror and trying on everything in your closet can be frustrating. You're left with a large mess in your room and probably even still unsure about the outfit you've decided on. Well luckily we've developed some tips to help you choose the best outfit for whatever occasion or event.


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don't wait until last minute if you are attending a formal or special event. You don't want to panic and stress out when the day comes and you haven't put any thought whatsoever in what you'll be wearing. If it's a casual event you should still give yourself a little extra time. Even just daily casual outfits can be a chore to choose because some days you just aren't feeling that comfy tee you normally love. Thus, causing you to try on every piece of casual clothing you have until you make up your mind, but not before you have a mess of clothing strewn about the room.


What's the Occasion? 

The type of event you're attending will determine the outfit. For example, a fancy night out will be an ideal time to get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner with cocktails and maybe dancing. If it's a formal event, check to see if there is already a dress code in place. If it's a black-tie affair you can rely on that little black dress, adorning the perfect accessories to complete the look.


Take the Weather Into Consideration

You'll want to be mindful of the weather. If you're going to be indoors, you may still need an accompanying piece like an umbrella if it will be rainy, or a raincoat. For warmer days you may want to grab a cardigan for the cooler morning that you can easily don later on.


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