Trendy Earrings of 2019

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Trendy Earrings of 2019

Earring Fashion Accessories That You Must Have

Your earrings always say a lot about you so here are the trendy earrings for 2019 that you will just love. Women’s fashion earrings are always changing so keeping up with everything can be a real challenge. It seems there are no limits to fashion earrings design and you are sure to find something here that will be perfect for you.

Long Earrings

Long earrings became fashionable a while ago and that trend is continuing. It seems that the fashion designers are falling over themselves to see who can create the longest earrings! If you want to be really different then why not go for a single mock feather earring that will touch your shoulder it is so long. Wearing just one long earring is cool!

Or perhaps you fancy some long leather straps hanging from your ears? These have a top buckle so it looks as if you are wearing a couple of belts. For the extreme in long earrings you can get some that will extend down to your knees – wow that is just something isn’t it?

The Delicate Earrings

If those extra long earrings are not really you then you can go for the more delicate new fashion earrings. A lot of these are long as well but not excessive. There are some really gorgeous looking delicate earrings around such as those that look like drops of metal or shimmery strings.

You can find the right delicate earrings for day wear and for those glamour evenings. Silver is the “in thing” and there are some really pretty styles available. The good thing about silver is that it will compliment almost all of the outfits that you have.

The Single Earring

It seems that symmetry has made way for wearing only one earring right now. More and more girls are adopting the one earring look and if you choose the right earring you can look really gorgeous.

You can go short or long with one earring. There is now a huge choice of single earrings and you are sure to find what really works for you. The one ear bare look is certainly a trending earrings fashion you need to try if you haven’t yet.

Armor Earrings

This might be a bit too brutal for your taste but ear armor earrings are certainly popular. All of the big fashion houses are into them and armor earrings are essentially those that cover most of your ear helix.

There are a lot of different ear armor styles around. How do you fancy an armor earring that tilts upwards to cover the bottom half of your ear and your lobes? Or perhaps beaded and dangling chains with pearls? The choice is almost limitless.

Tassel Earrings

If you want to look slightly bohemian then you can go for tassel earrings. Are tassels your thing? Well there are many different styles to choose from so go for it! You can find the more conventional tassels and tassels that have a metal effect. There are even tassel earrings that are paper clips joined together! Be different and be noticed!

The Mismatch Earrings

Trendy earrings for 2019 certainly include the mismatched earrings. Yes this is exactly like it sounds – you wear two completely different earrings! It is actually a good way to showcase your different jewelry preferences. After all don’t earrings always tell a good story?

Of course you could just choose two different earrings from your collection and go with that. But if you want to be right up there with women’s fashion earrings then you can turn to the fashion houses for some interesting pairings. Some of these will use the same gold for example but then have different beads or hoops on them.

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