Mini, Midi or Maxi?

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Mini, Midi or Maxi?

Dresses are so fun and easy to wear; you can just throw them on and call it a day! Dresses are usually categorized into 3: Mini, Midi and Maxi. Today, we’ll be talking all about what works best on what occasion, how to style them and all that fun stuff.

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are usually short, sweet and sexy. Depending on the type of dress you are wearing, you can achieve a sexy look and even a super cute look. It allows you to show off those legs and certainly helps you to catch attention. Keep in mind that mini dresses are always above the knee, so your legs are on complete display.

If you want to flaunt off those curves, then a bodycon mini dress is your best bet. Other types of mini dresses are skater dresses white are fitted at the waist and flowy below. Shift dresses have a loose silhouette and usually have a boho vibe to them. We also have wrap dresses and shirt dresses which are both super cute and trendy.

Wrap and shift dresses are perfect to take on vacations or when you are heading to a tropical place since they are lightweight, easy to move around in and super comfortable. Bodycon mini dresses are more suited for formal occasions or when you’re heading to a party.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses fall in between mini and maxi. They end somewhere below the knee to mid-calf. They are quite lady-like and make a woman look polished and classy. Midi dresses come in all shapes and sizes; from sexy to sophisticated, there are various verities. Pencil style midi dresses are great to wear to the office as they make you look smart and put together. To achieve a sexy vibe, you can go for bodycon dresses which make you look like a bold, confident lady. And then there are more casual style midi dresses such as something off-the-shoulder, loose with a floral pattern or even stripes. Midi dresses are also perfect for weddings, so that’s a major plus!

Maxi Dresses

If you want to go with the flow then maxi dresses are perfect for you! Maxi dresses or skirts are ankle-length or can even touch the ground. The first rule of wearing a maxi dress? Style them with heels! Most dresses reach your toes so if you want to walk around without tripping over then wear them with heels. Petite women should especially keep that in mind and if they don’t like heels then it’s better they stick to midi dresses since maxi dresses tend to make them look even shorter.

Maxi dresses are great to wear at various places; to a vacation, wedding, party or even on an everyday basis! These dresses are super fun and easy to style; plus, they come in various styled and prints.

You can pick any sort of dress depending on your mood and obviously the occasion but each one is equally as amazing. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference!

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