How to Bring Emphasis to Your Eye Color with Your Clothes

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How to Bring Emphasis to Your Eye Color with Your Clothes

How to Bring Emphasis to Your Eye Color with Your Clothes


If you love the color of your eyes and want to flaunt it, the best way to do that is by choosing clothing that makes that color pop. Whether it is day or night will also affect the way your clothing emphasizes your features. If you do not like the colors that work well with your eye color then perhaps look into some accessories of that color such as earrings or bracelets.

Day Wear:

Blue eyes match well with most colors but neutral shades such as cream, silver, gold, olive, camel, and navy can really draw attention. You can still add a pop of color to your outfit while showing off your baby blues if you think that the neutrals are too plain. Try pairing olive pants with a pink shirt for instance.

Green eyes tend to be brought out by coral colors during the daytime. The coral contrasts with the green therefore drawing attention. A good way to highlight your green eyes would be by wearing a coral colored dress, pants, or even a blazer.

Hazel eyes go really well with darker colors but during the day you should opt for something a little lighter such as lavender. If lavender feels too feminine for you then try using it in a small way. A lavender undershirt with a suit jacket would look good for example. It does not have to be the focal point.

Brown eyes are best complimented by shades of blue. Deep blues to be exact. Blue jeans would work great for a casual event whereas a dark blue button up would be nice for a more formal event.


Evening Wear:

Blue eyes are best brought out at night by bright pink colors. It is easy to feel like bright pinks and fuchsias are overwhelming so opting for something with subtle shades of these colors is probably the best route to go. A simple gray skirt with pink polka dots or stripes would be a great choice.

Green eyes go best with mossy green colors at night. Wearing a jacket or cardigan that is a close match to your green eyes will really draw emphasis to your natural eye color in the evening.

Hazel eyes look great at night when paired with something such as a charcoal colored dress. Darker colors are best when trying to bring attention to hazel eyes at night.

Brown eyes can really be made to pop at night when beside soft hues of pink. Brighter pinks will not do as well as muted shades of pink when trying to bring emphasis to brown eyes.


Using accessories is another way to easily highlight your eye color if done correctly. When choosing jewelry, you should choose from pieces that are roughly the same color as your eyes are. The colors do not have to match perfectly. For example, an emerald necklace would be likely to draw attention to green eyes.

If you are not a big fan of jewelry then perhaps try wearing just a watch with a colored band. Wearing a tie that is about the same color as your eyes is also a good way to bring out their color. This works great if you want to stick with neutral shades but still want people to really notice your eye color. Instead of wearing a lavender shirt to bring out hazel colored eyes, a lavender tie would do the same thing. If you do not like the color that will make your eyes pop this is great because for blue eyes you can wear a blue tie instead of something fuchsia colored.

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