Amazing Ways to Become a Part of the Glitter Trend

Amazing Ways to Become a Part of the Glitter Trend

Here at J&K Embers we can help you take part in the latest fashion trends with unique and stylish pieces to compliment any style. Right now, our selection of glittery fashion items are perfect for accessorizing your favorite outfit.

There has been a recent wave of glitter, sparkle, sequins, and metallic taking over the world of fashion, both on the runway and on the streets. The last couple of fashion seasons have witnessed the comeback of glitter, sequins, and feathers, all of which used to be a big part of the ‘80s disco trend. Becoming a part of the “glitter trend” is really easy. All you need to do is a get a few key pieces, style them well, and you’re good to go.

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It is completely possible to be a part of the glitter trend without looking like a walking disco ball and without looking utterly ridiculous. The key is to choose one fashion item that has been “glitterized” and centering the rest of your look on that. It could be a glitter skirt, a glitter dress, or even a pair of glitter shoes. An outfit with a dash of glitter can be worn on a date, on a shopping trip, to a formal or semi-formal event, but it might be considered too flashy for work.

Here are some pieces you need to become a part of the glitter trend, and tips on styling them:

A Pair of Glitter Sneakers

Sneakers are no longer reserved for just the gym. They have now become a fashion staple, used to add edgy and modern twists to outfits. Glitter sneakers are now a major part of the glitter trend, and you need a pair or two in your closet. There are a lot of options available when it comes to colors and style, but this pair of glitter sneakers will do wonders. To style this, pair it with a white tank top, a pair of light washed ripped jeans, and a blazer of your choice. You can also style it with a pink tank top and a high waist flare skirt. Complete both looks with a black handbag and fashionable earrings. 


Glitter Platform Heels

If you have a dinner, get-together, or any other formal or semi-formal event to attend, you can totally steal the show with a pair of glitter platform heels. You can go all out with the glitter with this pair of glitter encrusted peep toe platform heels, or keep the glitter subtle and restricted to just the sole and heels with this pair of buckled ankle strap glitter platform heels pictured below. Both pairs go perfectly well with a little black dress, attractive stud earrings, and a small purse.


Glitter Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are really amazing, and the addition of glitter makes this pair of glitter-encrusted stiletto boots even more amazing. It’s multi colored, so it should be paired with an outfit that’s completely monochrome. You can don a monochrome pastel or neutral outfit and make this shoe the highlight of the outfit. A lavender top with a high-waist lavender skirt and a lavender cross body bag will look amazing.


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By adding these items to your wardrobe and following the styling tips, you are well on your way to becoming the poster child for the glitter trend. We're always adding new and fun items to our collections and encourage you to check back often or subscribe to our list so you'll never miss any new additions. We also suggest you head over to POPSUGAR to see more fashion trends for 2018.

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